Day 4 – Ups and Downs

Quick update tonight.  We have had visitors today and Evie spent a long time here this afternoon, so I haven’t  had much time to post.  Eli had a rough start to the day with projectile vomiting around 2am and then again around 6am.  His morning was pretty good and he was able to keep down some cheerios and apple juice. We gave him a little more for lunch and he vomited that all up.  The poor kid just can’t seem to keep a lot down 😦  He is back on IV fluids now.  They did a quick MRI this morning to make sure that there wasn’t any swelling or excessive fluid build up (hydrocephalus) and the MRI looked a lot better than his CT scan on Saturday.  Most of the air was gone and the swelling was improved.  No surprises which was good. We were hoping to go home tomorrow, but he needs to be able to keep his food down.  So I am guessing we will have at least one more night in the hospital.

The good news is that his mood and personality are getting so much better.  Every time he woke up today, he woke up with a smile.  We had probably as many smiles today as we had scowls which is a huge improvement!  He even giggled a couple of times and some smiles were big enough that we could see his dimples again.  Overall though, it is still pretty obvious that he doesn’t feel good, and he really just doesn’t tolerate being moved around much.

I think we are definitely making progress.  We really just need the vomiting to stop.

Here is a picture of him smiling at a video that Rob made of Evie for him ♥




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