Doing really well at home!!

Sorry I haven’t posted since coming home.  It has been pretty busy at home chasing after little man trying to make sure he doesn’t take any hits to his head.  And, once we hit the bed, we have been out pretty quick every night with no computer time.  I have also been a little afraid to post because I didn’t want to jinx anything…

Eli has been doing so great! He threw up in the car on the way home Wednesday and several times Wednesday night, but it has been smooth sailing since then.  He is now eating everything and keeping it down.  He is so super smiley and in such a good mood.  He has been so snuggly and loving and giving kisses, which he didn’t do before surgery.  He has been really babbly and trying out some new words, although nothing too consistent yet.  He also seems to be more into playing with toys, and actually played with a ball appropriately today.  It is hard to put into words, but he does seem a little different.  There is a curiosity that wasn’t there before, and he just really seems to feel better.  If things continue to go this way, I think we are going to start seeing some really big developmental leaps soon.  He is also sleeping through the night, all the way to 6am everyday which is sooooo awesome!  His incision is healing really well.  He is still a little wobbly with his walking, but that is improving everyday.

Most importantly, we haven’t seen any seizures!  It has now been over a week without a seizure which is such a huge blessing.  Since this whole nightmare started we have never had this long a stretch without any seizures.  We are cautiously optimistic that this might have actually worked.  The problem is that I have read enough blogs of kids who have been through this to know that the seizures can return at any time… in a month, in 6 months, in 10 months, or never, you just never know.  So, we are trying to just enjoy this time, and hoping beyond hope that they don’t ever come back.

Incision, 8 days after surgery

POD8 incision


Friday, 7 days after surgery, so happy to finally be able to eat!

POD7 home



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